Puli Puppies and Dogs

A complete guide to Puli Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about grooming, training, care tips, exercise needs, male and female Puli dog names, illness and health problems with a definition and description of Puli Puppies and Dogs.

Fast Facts & Guide to Puli Puppies and Dogs

Have a glance at our Fact File and Guide to Puli Puppies and Dogs. Discover some fast facts to gain a really fast overview of the Puli.

Puli Guide and Fact File

Height: Average Male Puli 16-17.5 inches / Female 14.5-16 inches

Weight: Average Male Puli 25-35 pounds / Female 20-30 pounds

Size of Dog: The Puli is a medium sized breed of dog

Breed Type and Dog Group: The Puli belongs to the Herding Group of Dogs

Country of Origin of the Breed: This breed originated in Hungary

Exercise Needs: The Puli requires moderate daily exercise

Coat Type: The coat is curly or wavy naturally clumping together forming woolly cords

Shedding hairs: This breed does not shed its coat

Grooming needs: The coat requires regular grooming (cord separating)

Training a Puli (Trainability): The Puli is trainable with time and patience

Other Names of Puli: Pulik, Hungarian Puli, Hungarian Water Dog

Puli Lifespan - This dog lives for approximately 12 years plus

Number of puppies per litter: The average litter size is 4-7 puppies

Temperament / Behaviour: Amusing, Youthful, Lively, Fun, Loyal, Protective and Alert

We hope that the fast facts and information provided in our Puli puppy and dog fact file and guide will prove a useful overview of this particular breed. Please click one of the links at the top of the page for detailed articles relating to training, pet care, grooming, personality, exercise needs, male and female Puli dog names, illness and health problems.

Summary of Puli Puppies and Dogs

Puli puppies and dogs have cheerful and bright personalities and temperaments. The Puli is youthful and tends to have the attitude of a puppy throughout its whole lifetime which makes this breed very amusing and fun to be around. This is an enthusiastic and dedicated dog that loves its family and feels naturally protective over them. This breed is eager to make its owners happy and will often feel suspicious of strangers, therefore, it is important to socialize puppies when they are young. This is a very spirited and lively dog that like to play. This is a strong and confident breed that has a nice temperament making it an ideal family pet, however, children must be shown how to treat puppies and dogs properly. The Puli can be trained fairly easily with time and patience. Dogs and puppies are alert, curious and observational which makes them good watchdogs.

Choosing Puli Puppies and Dogs as Pets

Puli puppies grow into medium sized adult dogs and the above summary will help you to determine whether they are suitable as a family pet. If you are considering whether to buy a Puli puppy, adoption is also an option for this particular type of dog, or even selecting one from a rescue centre, or reputable dog breeder. This is a very healthy breed that doesn't tend to suffer from hereditary diseases or major health issues or illnesses. The Puli is an energetic breed that will require daily activity and exercise to keep it mentally and physically satisfied. The coat of a Puli is very unique as it is corded. The coat starts to develop into cords when puppies reach around 6 months of age. This breed requires moderate grooming as the cords have to be carefully separated regularly to keep the coat in a healthy condition. This is a nice breed of puppy and dog that makes a great family pet, particularly with older children who are taught how to treat and care for puppies properly.

Puli Puppies and Dogs

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Puli Puppies and Dogs

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