Breeds of Puppies and Dogs

A complete guide to different types of Breeds of Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about dog grooming, dog training, dog care tips, dog exercise needs, male and female dog names, dog illness and health problems with a definition and description of all breeds of Puppies and Dogs.

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A-Z Breeds of Puppies and Dogs

If you are looking for information about specific dog breeds, please see our A-Z list of puppies and dogs below, which looks at each of the breeds in detail. We have covered a wide range of topics and areas about each of the popular dog breeds in order to provide you with essential knowledge about the daily needs of this animal. At the end of the day, we appreciate that the aim of any dog owner or prospective dog owner, is to have a puppy or dog that will suitably adapt and become part of your family, as well as being a pet that can be successfully handled by you!

DalmatianShiba Inu

Dandie Dinmont TerrierShih Tzu
Doberman Pinscher


English Cocker Spaniel

Siberian Husky

English Foxhound

Silky Terrier

English Setter

Skye Terrier

English Springer SpanielSpitz Dogs
English Toy SpanielStaffordshire Bull Terrier
Field SpanielStandard Schnauzer
Finnish SpitzSussex Spaniel

Flat-Coated RetrieverThai Ridgeback
French Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

French BulldogTosa Inu
German PinscherToy Fox Terrier
German Shepherd DogVizsla
German Wirehaired PointerWeimaraner
Giant SchnauzerWhippet
Golden RetrieverYorkshire Terrier

Breeds of Puppies and Dogs
There are over 200 dog breeds that are recognised throughout the world. Each of the dog breeds is different in its origin, history, appearance, and its general needs and requirements. Great interest is shown in puppies and dogs, and people are constantly looking to increase their knowledge about this intriguing animal which, over the years, has become both a servant and a companion to man.

This encyclopaedia  of dog and puppy breeds provides a descriptive guide and fantastic insight into each of the popular dog breeds. If you are a prospective dog owner, it is vitally important to gain as much knowledge as possible about the particular breeds of dog that you are interested in. There will be various questions that you will need to answer before making a final decision, and you will need to decide how well a dog will fit into your family life and requirements.

It is important to know how to treat and care for a puppy; a task that will take a lot of time, care
and patience. It is essential to learn about how to train a puppy successfully in order to gain the very best behaviour when your pup develops and grows into an adult dog. There is a great deal to take into consideration and the information that we have provided about the different dog breeds will help you to make the right decision. There is detailed information about the typical behaviour, temperament and personality of the different puppy and dog breeds.

It is essential to research the various aspects of the dog breeds to help you to decide whether or not you will be able to cope and handle its daily needs, or if a less demanding dog would be more suitable for you. A dog is very adaptable to the needs of man. Not only is a dog capable of being a friend as well as part of the family, many dog breeds are used as working animals as they are intelligent and can to be successfully trained to efficiently carry out a range of tasks.

Breeds of Puppies and Dogs

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  • Fast Facts and info about breeds of puppies and dogs



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