Alsatian Puppies and Dogs

Alsatian Dog

A complete guide to Alsatian Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about grooming, training, care tips, exercise needs, male and female Alsatian dog names, illness and health problems with a definition and description of Alsatian Puppies and Dogs.

Fast Facts & Guide to Alsatian Puppies and Dogs

Have a glance at our Fact File and Guide to Alsatian Puppies and Dogs. Discover some fast facts to gain a really fast overview of the Alsatian.

Alsatian Guide and Fact File

Height: Male 56-61cm / 22-24 inches, Female 61-66cm / 24-26 inches

Weight: 60-90 pounds

Size of Dog: Large


Breed Type and Dog Group: Herding

Country of Origin of the Breed: Germany

Exercise Needs: High

Coat Type: Medium length, has a double coat, outer coat is straight and wiry texture

Shedding hairs: Outer coat sheds all year round, undercoat twice per year

Grooming needs: Moderate - High

Training a Alsatian (Trainability): Easy

Alsatian Dog

Other Names of Alsatian: German Shepherd Dog

Alsatian Lifespan - This dog lives for approximately 10 - 13 years

Number of puppies per litter: approximately 5 - 10 puppies

Temperament / Behaviour: Intelligent, alert and fearless

We hope that the fast facts and information provided in our Alsatian puppy and dog fact file and guide will prove a useful overview of this particular breed. Please click one of the links at the top of the page for detailed articles relating to training, pet care, grooming, personality, exercise needs, male and female Alsatian dog names, illness and health problems.


Summary of Alsatian Puppies and Dogs

Alsatian puppies and dogs are highly intelligent and easily trainable, that's why they are the most used military and police dog throughout the world! Their capabilities are endless. This breed of dog is fit, athletic and very energetic. It doesn't have a sense of fear, in fact Alsatians are extremely brave, courageous and willing. They are committed and dedicated to their owners, and they have a strong desire to please. The smartness of this dog means that they can be easily trained, and adequate and suitable training is necessary for this breed. They should be handled by an owner that is able to develop them. If Alsatians are trained properly, they can make great family pets. They form good relationships with humans and will show loyalty and devotion. This breed is fun-loving and likes to please their owners.

Alsatian Dog

Choosing Alsatian Puppies and Dogs as Pets

Alsatian puppies grow into large sized adult dogs and the above summary will help you to determine whether they are suitable as a family pet. If you are considering whether to buy a Alsatian puppy, adoption is also an option for this particular type of dog, or even selecting one from a rescue centre, or reputable dog breeder. They require regular health check ups by a vet that has sound knowledge of the Alsatian breed of puppies and dogs, and can detect early signs of health deterioration or problems. They are a double coated dog that sheds hair continuously so it is important to maintain their coat well by grooming it several times a week, or even on a daily basis. If you require further knowledge about the Alsatian puppies and dogs breed, please refer to the links above where you will find detailed information about different aspects of this breed including its temperament, grooming requirements and health issues.


Alsatian Puppies and Dogs

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Alsatian Dog

Alsatian Puppies and Dogs

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