Vizsla Puppies and Dogs

A complete guide to Vizsla Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about grooming, training, care tips, exercise needs, male and female Vizsla dog names, illness and health problems with a definition and description of Vizsla Puppies and Dogs.

Fast Facts & Guide to Vizsla Puppies and Dogs

Have a glance at our Fact File and Guide to Vizsla Puppies and Dogs. Discover some fast facts to gain a really fast overview of the Vizsla.

Vizsla Guide and Fact File

Height: Average height of a male Vizsla is 22-26 inches / Female 20-24 inches

Weight: Average weight of a male Vizsla is 45-60 pounds / Female 40-55 pounds

Size of Dog: The Vizsla is a medium sized dog

Breed Type and Dog Group: The Vizsla belongs to the Sporting Group of Dogs

Country of Origin of the Breed: The Vizsla originated from Hungary

Exercise Needs: The Vizsla requires maximum daily exercise and activity

Coat Type: The Vizsla has a short, dense and smooth golden rust colored coat

Shedding hairs: The Vizsla is a light shedder

Grooming needs: The Vizsla requires minimal grooming once per week or fortnight

Training a Vizsla (Trainability): The Vizsla is easily trainable

Other Names of Vizsla: Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Magyar Vizsla

Vizsla Lifespan - This dog lives for approximately 10 - 14 years

Number of puppies per litter: The average Vizsla litter size is around 6 puppies per litter

Temperament / Behaviour: Active, Bright, Loving, Playful, Fun-Loving, Energetic and Lively

We hope that the fast facts and information provided in our Vizsla puppy and dog fact file and guide will prove a useful overview of this particular breed. Please click one of the links at the top of the page for detailed articles relating to training, pet care, grooming, personality, exercise needs, male and female Vizsla dog names, illness and health problems.

Summary of Vizsla Puppies and Dogs

Vizsla puppies and dogs have lively, bright and spirited personalities! This is a gentle dog that makes an ideal, pleasant companion for an owner that has time to dedicate to providing for this breed's requirements. This is a very energetic dog that requires lots of daily exercise and activity to keep it mentally and physically stimulated. Dogs that are not given enough exercise can develop poor behavior as they become very bored just sitting around the home. Therefore, owners must ensure that they provide this lovely breed with the activity it craves. The Vizsla is very playful and will need lots of play time. With the right obedience training, this is an ideal breed for children who also have a lot of energy and will enjoy spending time with this dog. Owners should be careful around smaller children due to the liveliness of this breed. This is a cheerful dog that is eager and willing to make its owners happy.

Choosing Vizsla Puppies and Dogs as Pets

Vizsla puppies grow into medium sized adult dogs and the above summary will help you to determine whether they are suitable as a family pet. If you are considering whether to buy a Vizsla puppy, adoption is also an option for this particular type of dog, or even selecting one from a rescue centre, or reputable dog breeder.  There are some hereditary problems associated with this breed as well as several other health conditions. There is further health information available via the link above. Owners should bear in mind that the average lifespan for this breed is 10 to 14 years, sometimes longer, so the general health of the breed is usually very good. The Vizsla is highly trainable and adaptable to household life. This breed shows its owners a lot of devotion, love, loyalty and affection. Their exercise needs are high and their grooming needs are low as dogs and puppies have short, smooth, dense coats that require just a weekly or fortnightly brushing.

Vizsla Puppies and Dogs

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Vizsla Puppies and Dogs

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