Saluki Puppies and Dogs

A complete guide to Saluki Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about grooming, training, care tips, exercise needs, male and female Saluki dog names, illness and health problems with a definition and description of Saluki Puppies and Dogs.

Fast Facts & Guide to Saluki Puppies and Dogs

Have a glance at our Fact File and Guide to Saluki Puppies and Dogs. Discover some fast facts to gain a really fast overview of the Saluki.

Saluki Guide and Fact File

Height: The average height of a Saluki is between 23-28 inches

Weight: The average weight of a Saluki is between 13-30 kg (29-66 pounds)

Size of Dog: The Saluki is a medium sized breed of dog

Breed Type and Dog Group: The Saluki belongs to the Hound Group of Dogs

Country of Origin of the Breed: The Saluki originated from Egypt

Exercise Needs: The Saluki has moderate to high exercise requirements

Coat Type: The coat can be either smooth with or without slight feather on legs & back of thighs

Shedding hairs: The Saluki is a low shedder

Grooming needs: The Saluki has moderate grooming requirements

Training a Saluki (Trainability): Trainable but requires firm but gentle guidance

Other Names of Saluki: Gazelle Hound, Arabian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Sighthound

Saluki Lifespan - This dog lives for approximately 10 - 12 years

Number of puppies per litter: The average litter size is around 5 to 7 puppies per litter

Temperament / Behaviour: Independent, fit, strong, dedicated, gentle and faithful

We hope that the fast facts and information provided in our Saluki puppy and dog fact file and guide will prove a useful overview of this particular breed. Please click one of the links at the top of the page for detailed articles relating to training, pet care, grooming, personality, exercise needs, male and female Saluki dog names, illness and health problems.

Summary of Saluki Puppies and Dogs

Saluki puppies and dogs have very independent personalities. This dog was bred as an enthusiastic hunter, so although it may look slim and fragile, it is in fact very strong. Its independent nature often means that the dog is easily distracted and this can make obedience training a little slow and difficult, but by no means impossible. Suitably trained Salukis will have well-balanced, laid-back and calm temperaments making them ideal family pets. Salukis can be fairly sensitive so training should be provided in a firm but gentle way as they do not take well to harsh discipline. Dogs and puppies are friendly, loving and gentle, and it is a breed that shows great devotion and dedication. They are energetic and active so moderate to high amounts of daily exercise and activity should form part of their normal routine.

Choosing Saluki Puppies and Dogs as Pets

Saluki puppies grow into medium to large sized adult dogs and the above summary will help you to determine whether they are suitable as a family pet. If you are considering whether to buy a Saluki puppy, adoption is also an option for this particular type of dog, or even selecting one from a rescue centre, or reputable dog breeder. Please go to the Health Issues link above for important information about the health of the Saluki and the illnesses and diseases that this breed is more commonly prone to developing. This breed may have either a smooth coat with feathering on the legs or a smooth coat without any feathering at all. No matter the type of coat, the grooming requirements are moderate and this breed should be brushed or combed once per week. They are low shedders and require only minimal, occasional bathing. Dogs and puppies tend to become very attached to one person in particular, often their master, to whom he will remain a very loyal companion.

Saluki Puppies and Dogs

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Saluki Puppies and Dogs

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