Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction

A Pekingese Dog Grooming instruction guide including useful tips on how to groom the hair and coat, trimming nails and bathing instructions for Pekingese puppies and dogs.

Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction

Grooming Pekingese Puppies & Dogs just needs time, care and patience. The level of grooming and time spent on grooming will depend on the breed and size of the dog. The following chart provides a brief overview of the grooming requirements of a Pekingese puppy or dog:

  • Pekingese Length of Coat: The length of coat on a Pekingese is very long and will therefore require maximum grooming
  • Type of Coat: The type of coat for this breed is generally described as coarse
  • Time: Grooming a Pekingese will require 15-30 minutes
  • Frequency of Grooming: Daily

Grooming requirements for Pekingese Puppies and Dogs

Pekingese Grooming Requirements

Coat / HairThe coat should be brushed or combed on a daily basis - max grooming
Nails / PawsClean paws daily, check nails weekly to see if they need to be clipped
TeethCheck the teeth weekly to see if they are dirty and require brushing
BathingOnly bathe this breed as and when is needed as it can lose essential oils
SheddingThis breed's an average shedder, females shed undercoat when in season
EyesClean face and eyes gently every day, wipe debris from corner of eyes
EarsCheck inside ears weekly for foreign objects, redness, wax, infection etc

Dog Grooming Instruction - Dog Grooming Tools

Pekingese Dog Grooming Tools - Checklist

The following dog grooming tools, products & equipment are readily available. Choose the grooming tools from this checklist that you believe are suitable for your Pekingese.

Bristle BrushBristle CombGrooming Rake
Grooming ScissorsThinning ShearsGrooming Blades
Hair ClippersDog ShampooIndoor / Outdoor Shower
Slicker BrushesShedding CombNail Trimmers
Dog Creams / LotionsGrooming DryersGrooming Tables

Pekingese Dog Grooming Tools - Checklist

Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction - Brushing Hair and Coat
Most dog's hair and coats need some attention. The Pekingese dog grooming instruction for caring for your dog's hair or coat is as follows:

  • The Pekingese has a very long double coat, the outer coat is coarse and feathered, whilst the undercoat is thick and soft. The hair tends to tangle easily so it is very important that this breed of puppy and dog is groomed on a daily basis to prevent knots from forming

  • Use a medium bristle brush and gentle follow the direction of hair growth
  • Use a slicker brush to help remove mats and tangles from the coat
  • The hindquarters in particular can become very matted
  • Daily grooming should form part of this breed's daily pet care routine

Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction - Bathing your Dog
Bathing your dog is very important for its health and hygiene. During bathing check your dog for lumps, bumps, parasites, fleas and skin irritations or allergies. Pekingese Bathing instruction is as follows:

  • Wash your dog or puppy when they are dirty or smell!
  • Gather bathing equipment and place bathing tools and shampoo near to bathing area
  • Place a mat and towel next to bath
  • Check the water temperature of the bath - ensure that a minimal amount of water is used
  • Gradually place the dog in the bath - be aware that this may frighten your pet
  • Gently shampoo your pet - be careful of delicate areas such as eyes and ears
  • Rinse shampoo and towel dry. Then brush the hair

Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction - Trimming Nails
Some dogs do not need their nails trimmed as they are kept short by general activities. However, should your dog's nails become long then they should be trimmed. It is important to know exactly what you are doing, as cutting too deep into your Pekingese dog's nails can cause damage and pain. Written instruction is not enough as the risk of hurting your Pekingese is too high.

  • Your vet can help initially by demonstrating how to trim your dog's nails and supervise your first attempt
  • Spend some time touching your dog's paws and gently squeezing the area around the nails in order to familiarize them with this sensation
  • Seek advice from your vet about the most appropriate nail clippers for your pet

Tips for Training Pekingese Puppies and Dogs

Our Pekingese Dog Grooming instruction guide includes helpful tips and instructions on how to groom the hair and coat, trimming nails and bathing instructions for Pekingese puppies and dogs.

  • Fast Facts and info with this Pekingese Dog Grooming instruction guide
  • Brushing and combing hair and coat
  • Trimming and Cutting Nails
  • Grooming Tools, Products and Equipment
  • Instructions for grooming Pekingese puppies and dogs

Pekingese Dog Grooming Instruction

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