Akita Puppies and Dogs

A complete guide to Akita Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about grooming, training, care tips, exercise needs, male and female Akita dog names, illness and health problems with a definition and description of Akita Puppies and Dogs.

Fast Facts & Guide to Akita Puppies and Dogs

Have a glance at our Fact File and Guide to Akita Puppies and Dogs. Discover some fast facts to gain a really fast overview of the Akita.

Akita Guide and Fact File

Height: Male 26-28 inches (66-71cm), Female 24-26 inches (61-66cm)

Weight: Male 75-120 pounds (34-54kg), Female 75-110 pounds (34-50kg)

Size of Dog: Large / Extra Large

Breed Type and Dog Group: Working

Country of Origin of the Breed: Japan

Exercise Needs: Moderate and Regular

Coat Type: Medium length hair

Shedding hairs: Heavy shedding twice per year

Grooming needs: Regular, once per week

Training a Akita (Trainability): Good but only with a firm and experienced handler

Other Names of Akita:  Akita Inu, Japanese Akita

Akita Lifespan - This dog lives for approximately 10-13 years

Number of puppies per litter: 7-8 puppies approximately

Temperament / Behaviour: Powerful, laid back and loyal

We hope that the fast facts and information provided in our Akita puppy and dog fact file and guide will prove a useful overview of this particular breed. Please click one of the links at the top of the page for detailed articles relating to training, pet care, grooming, personality, exercise needs, male and female Akita dog names, illness and health problems.

Summary of Akita Puppies and Dogs

Akita puppies and dogs are stunning in appearance. They have a graceful, charming and elegant look about them. The Akita's grooming requirements are not too demanding as they do not require bathing too often and their hair only needs to be groomed weekly, on a regular basis. Training is vitally important as this particular breed takes it very seriously, and can in fact be over trained. Overly training an Akita can unfortunately encourage unwanted personality traits so it is important to seek advice about the most suitable type of training. With suitable training, Akita puppies can develop into well-behaved, laid-back, loving, devoted and loyal adult dogs, and great family pets.

Choosing Akita Puppies and Dogs as Pets

Akita puppies grow into large to extra large sized adult dogs and the above summary will help you to determine whether they are suitable as a family pet. If you are considering whether to buy a Akita puppy, adoption is also an option for this particular type of dog, or even selecting one from a rescue centre, or reputable dog breeder. Akita dogs and puppies are susceptible to some illnesses so it is wise to seek a reputable breeder if you are considering buying an Akita puppy. Also, your vet will be able to provide you with further valuable advice about Akita health problems. As with any puppy or dog, it will take time and patience to house train and settle into family life. The Akita breed is not too demanding, however, as adults they do become large dogs so they will require moderate exercise on a regular basis and a regular feeding and grooming routine. They also require an experienced and firm handler, therefore, this particular breed may not be suitable for everybody. 

Akita Puppies and Dogs

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Akita Puppies and Dogs

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